Eschalon: Book III Launching – Fantasy Survival RPG

This is classic roleplaying – no cutscene melodrama, casual gameplay, or social shenanigans. Basilisk Games invites you to share its unabashed love for old-school RPGs with the February 14 release of Eschalon: Book III (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Available for purchase at:

Eschalon: Book III is not the RPG for armchair dragon slayers or lazy achievement hunters. Drawn from pen-and-paper traditions, the Eschalon series revels in the mysteries of dangerous landscapes and the triumphs of hard-won battles. It rewards the tactical and ingenious, and leaves the careless to suffer the consequences.
A fusion of turn-based fantasy and survival gameplay, players will contend with hunger, sleep, equipment degradation, and even skills altered by weather. With multiple game-paths and solutions to obstacles, Eschalon: Book III emphasizes meaningful character development and true roleplaying.

Although no prior knowledge is necessary, Eschalon: Book III brings the trilogy to a close as you seek to uncover your past, the secrets of the Crux stones, and the true identity of the Orakur.

• Classic style, turn-based RPG inspired by pen-and-paper gaming.
• Unrestricted character development with impactful choices.
• Open world with no level-scaling and more secrets than you will ever find.
• Disease, hunger, weapon breakage – actions have serious consequences.
• Hundreds of new items, spells, and game engine updates.
• Developer tools for creating maps and adventures shortly after release.


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