Bomb Me launching: Free Google Nexus 7 giveaway !

Android game Bomb Me will be available on Google Play on Jan.21st. To celebrate the launch of game, Bomb Me will giveaway plenty of gift packs for players.

Greetings Bombermen! We are launching our Android game Bomb Me on Jan. 21st with all kinds of gifts! Are you ready for the shock?

1st Bomb: Free Google Nexus 7!
You read that right. They are FREE. With our first server launching, we are giving away 3 Google Nexus 7 every week from Jan.21- Feb.4.

Players have a chance to obtain Nexus 7 according with the followings:

Register an account and continuously log in 7 days and stay online for more than 1 hour (different accounts for the same IP address count only one).

Please like us on Facebook at before you join the event.

Will you be one of the three weekly lucky players?

2nd Bomb: Daily Log-in Rewards
Every day you are in Bomb Me, you will receive our rewards. All you need to do is to login during Jan.21- Feb.4.
PS: Please login Bomb Me for contiguous days to get all the rewards.
Day 1: 200 Gold
Day 2: 500 Gold; Lv1 Reinforced Stone X 1
Day 3: 1000 Gold; Speaker X 1; Lv1 Reinforced Fragment X 2
Day 4: 1500 Gold; Speaker X 1; Lv2 Reinforced Fragment X 1
Day 5: 2000 Gold; Speaker X 1; Lv2 Reinforced Fragment X 2; Diamond X 1; Medal X 1

3rd Bomb: Comment on Facebook and Get Rewards
Event duration: Jan.21- Feb.4
Like us and Leave your comment on Facebook for Bomb Me and get our gift.
Please use the given format to post comments about celebrating our first server Angry Bomb and all these cool prizes are yours.
PS: Please post your comment during Jan.21- Feb.4.
Gold 5000, LV 2 Reinforced Fragment X 10, LV 1 Lucky Stone X 2, Speaker X 10

Don ’ t want to miss it! Get in Bomb Me and enjoy yourself!
Wanna know more? Visit us at
Like us on Facebook:

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