Sand Slides Launches on the Google Play Store!

Sand Slides, the popular iOS game, is now available for Android handsets via the Google Play Store!. Sand Slides was one of the original iOS classics and now, independent developer Logik State has brought this original puzzle game to all major Android handsets.

Sand Slides has already gained a user base of over 5 million on iOS and has proven to be popular with gamers young and old!

The objective of ‘Sand Slides’ is to control the coloured grains of sand dispensed from the containers at the top of the screen into the correct color-coded hoppers at the bottom of the screen. This is achieved by drawing slides for the sand to flow down and buckets to temporarily hold the sand until it’s time to be used.

Featuring incredibly stunning backdrops, impressive visuals effects, immersive music and intuitive and easy-to-learn controls, ‘Sand Slides’ will quickly have you addicted to its absorbing gameplay.

Completing each level is made more challenging by having the ability to draw only a
limited number of lines, while timers that trigger the dispensing of sand also comes into

With multiple gameplay modes, each with 3 levels of difficulty, local high-scores, and an impressive 76+ achievements, ‘Sand Slides’ will keep you entertained
for a long time to come with its timeless gameplay.

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