Fuel Overdose finally back on the Playstation®Store

Following the announcement made on December 21st 2012 that highlighted the issues preventing its potential users from finding the game Fuel Overdose on the European Playstation®Store, I-Friqiya today announces that the game is back on track. With a stronger presence on the European Playstation®Store, the game as well as the demo can now be easily downloaded from several categories of the European Playstation®Store.

About Fuel Overdose
Developed by Jerome Coquard and Ryoh Tazaki, and produced by Skander Djerbi and Aroun Ducroux, Fuel Overdose is an independent game production that brings a new approach to the combat racing genre. Available on the European Playstation®Store at £9.69/€11.99. Coming soon on the North American Playstation®Store and PC.

“Immensely fun (…) It stands there as a testament to the kart racers that stood out themselves as the pinnacle of arcade racing done right(…) And then it puts them to shame.(…) A brilliant mix of strategy and action”
Thegamershub.net: 4.5 out of 5

“The game defines the term ‘easy to pick up, hard to master’ and provides a constant challenge that most modern games lack. (…) Fuel Overdose could well be the big online racer of 2013”
PSNation.org : A-

“Multiplayer goodness (…) you cannot go wrong with this outstanding racer.”
Gameblinx.com: 9 ouf of 10

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