Calibre 10 Racing E3 factsheet

Wheel to Wheel, Precision Shooting Action.
4 Teams of 2. One driver and one shooter. Each Team battling it out to be the first to cross the finish line.
Drivers go flat-out pushing horsepower limits behind the wheel of high-concept super cars in an all out blitz over tarmac and dirt. Shooters push firepower limits in high-tech military grade turrets, covering their driver, taking out opposing vehicles and turrets, jockeying for the most advantages turret positions around the track.
Team-work, intensity, vehicle countermeasures like flares and chaff to fend off incoming fire from opposing team turrets, a steady aim and on-track power-ups that provide an upgradeable edge for Shooter weaponry are needed to capture the checkered flag and championship glory.
Step in. Your next gen motorsports experience STARTS NOW.

Key Features:
•Evolution in Motorsports – A major catastrophe throws the world into chaos, giving rise to a new breed of motorsports combining cutting edge automotive and military weapons technology, where driver and shooter work as one to claim C10 Championship glory.

•Calibre Class Vehicles – Drivers get behind the wheels of Calibre class concept vehicles, from speed king supercars to rugged off-road mechanical masterpieces, designed by real world industrial designers.

•Calibre Class Turrets – Shooters take control of the world’s most advanced ballistic weaponry including: sniper turrets with EMP rounds to Missile pods with Kinetic Warheads, to lay waste to opposing teams.

•Calibre Class Tracks – Teams will hit the starting grid on the most well known tracks on the C10 Racing Circuit.

•Communication is Key – Only the teams with the highest of skill and communication will rise through the ranks on the C10 circuit.

Developer: Bongfish
Platform: TBA
Genre: Racing / First Person Shooter Hybrid
Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA
Rating: Rating Pending

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