Colorpickle is a trimmed-down-to-the-very-basics arcade game, with a hardcore minimalist design and fast changing colors and music. Colorpickle demands the most of your guts and alertness, confronting you with the threshold where focus and eagerness turn into destructive greed.

Colorpickle is available now for iPhone and iPad and prides itself on having outstanding smooth controls, some even say the smoothest tilt controls ever.

The game is free. While the in-app purchases are awesome, none are required to fully enjoy the game. No tricks, we simply love games.

Coming fresh from Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box development (where he was responsible for character design & background art), Roy invited Dutch Game Award winners Jaïn and Lex to a meeting of the minds. They set themselves a challenge: create a deeply engaging game with the absolute minimum of play elements. Within one weekend, the world’s first version of the super-minimalist arcade game Colorpickle was brought to life.

Fast forward to the present – music was added (a lot of music) and many, many colors. Then Mark, an arcade game fanatic, was brought into the fold where he built the game for iOS. Next, NOISIA (the renowned Drum’n’Bass & Dubstep collective responsible for the Devil May Cry 5 soundtrack) wanted in, contributing 40 exclusive tracks of original music.

Colorpickle is now too hard, too unrelenting, too colorful and too satisfying… the time has come to reveal it to the world. Enjoy!

•Very smooth tilt control
•The world’s meanest triangles
•A wide variety of color schemes, each with their own title and music
•An additional add-on pack with music by NOISIA is available, made exclusively for Colorpickle
•A completely free game, no in-app purchases are required to enjoy the game
•Unlockable packs with new color schemes and music
•No annoying Rate This/Tweet This/Facebook That messages, just enjoy the game

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