G5’s Virtual City Playground® Got A Key Update On Kindle Fire Today – FREE Download

G5 Entertainment’s best-selling city builder, Virtual City Playground®, has been majorly updated on Kindle Fire today. The version 1.13 adds social features, new quests, new buildings, new events, and tweaks. Now players can invite friends to visit their dream cities, ask them for help and share special gifts. Build apartment towers, premium tech stations, schools, libraries, weather stations; run an airship, set up a mass transit system and so much more!

Socialize in your Virtual City – invite other Virtual City Playground players, your friends from Facebook, Game Center or add them from the phone contact list to receive and gift useful items, bonuses, energy and invest points. With help from your friends, you can complete the quests faster. Build an Eco Skyscraper that enhances the environment of your city. Save more space with a premium tech station that has a larger coverage area so you do not have to build lots of smaller service stations. Create a block or street of apartment towers and increase the number of citizens in your megalopolis. Upgrade your high-rises to make them more spacious. Entertain and educate your people in a school, library or philharmonic hall making them happier. Construct a hangar with your friends, run an airship to increase the level of happiness of your citizens, build the weather station to get the appropriate forecast for flights, complete over 100 new quests, and enjoy the polished and improved user interface. The Virtual City Playground update 1.13 makes your city-managing experience more fun and entertaining.

Virtual City Playground is a sim-social that lets your imagination run wild so that you can look down at your wonderful metropolis and marvel at the wonders you’ve created. Please your inhabitants by providing them with tons of business opportunities and true-to-life neighborhoods, and entertainment facilities, among other amenities. Master trade, resources and balance between the booming development and increasing traffic.

Virtual City Playground is deep and ever evolving, yet easy to master. It is no wonder that Virtual City Playground has become one of the most beloved city-building simulators of all time and ranks as a Top 10 Grossing Game in 100 countries, including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Russia, and many many more. G5 continues to enhance the gaming experience by launching regular free updates to this hit city-builder – always giving gamers something new to dig into, solve and create.

What’s New in Version 1.13:

City-building just got social! Now you can invite your friends to play along, turning your real-life community into a true virtual playground!

★SOCIALIZE with friends! Send gifts to them and get energy and invest points in return.
★BUILD an Eco Skyscraper with friends and put your dream city on the map one floor at a time!
★TIME TO GET SMART. Build a school to attract young families and a library to make sure your citizens are well-read.
★A SYMPHONY OF SUCCESS! Create a musical future for your city with a sophisticated philharmonic hall.
★CONSTRUCT a top-of-the-line airship and conquer the skies above your city!
★THE MORE QUESTS, THE BETTER! Complete over 100 uplifting new quests while expanding your city’s urban core.
★UTILIZE a new, more efficient premium tech station and a weather station.
★PLAY FASTER! Recalculation optimization allows you to get back into your city in no time flat!

About the game:

Build the city of your dreams… and then run it!

∙ Build an Eco Skyscraper with your friends and put your cutting-edge city on the map one floor at a time.
∙ City-building is really taking off! Construct an airship so you can check out your city from above!
∙ Take your city to towering new heights! Construct well-designed apartment towers as well as desirable urban amenities!
∙ Build a school to attract young families and a library to make sure your citizens are well-read!
∙ Manufacture a variety of retail goods and deliver them to your sleek and enticing shopping malls.
∙ Set up a mass transit system to transport your city dwellers to parks, cinemas, stadiums and more.
∙ Utilize a new, more efficient premium tech station to keep citywide transportation running smoothly.
∙ Create a musical future for your city with a philharmonic hall that draws a sophisticated crowd.
∙ Make your city greener and healthier by recycling garbage, planting trees, upgrading buildings and adding hospitals and fire stations.
∙ Reward your happy, responsible citizens by organizing truly spectacular public events for them!


∙ Over 400 uplifting quests to tackle as you grow and enhance your city
∙ Over 165 buildings, landmarks and decorations for city beautification
∙ Nearly 100 challenging achievements to earn and celebrate with your friends
∙ Regular FREE updates to keep you stimulated and entertained

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