Gaijin Games’ Runner2 coming to Vita December 17th in North America, 18th in Europe

If you’re reading this press release, chances are you’re a member of the press. Either that or you’ve somehow found a way to be included on our mailing list. You sly dog, you.

In any case, we come to you today with a fairly major, fairly awesome announcement. Runner2 is headed to the PS Vita on December 17th in North America, followed closely by a December 18th release in Europe! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Our goal with the Vita version of Runner2 was to achieve complete parity with the PC and console versions. Being the awesome (if we may say so) developers that we are, we’re confident that we’ve accomplished this. You can expect the same amount of content, the same beautiful graphics, and the same creepy Slenderman roaming the woods of the Supernature. And speaking of expectations, you can also expect the Good Friends Character Pack to release day and date with the game itself!

If you’re interested in receiving a review code, don’t hesitate to reach out! If you’re not interested in receiving a review code, then you’re probably a jerk (but we love you, anyway).

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