Grapple Gum out on iOS

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY announced that Grapple Gum – a super lovely casual game – is out on iOS all over the world.

Grapple Gum is a slingshot-action-platformer in which you play as a little, pink piece of gum and grapple across moving objects. It’s a neat mix of mechanics as you can float through the space, hitch a ride by hooking on the various platforms, and slingshot your way from one piece to another while also shooting at all kinds of targets, including big bosses and the little various sooty critters nibbling at your toes.

Grapple Gum was awarded for the best game playable on portables devices, including mobile phones and dedicated gaming handhelds and as a game that delivers the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields by the Tunisian Game Awards 2017 with a jury composed by Susan Gold (founder of the Global Game Jam), Leevi rasila (GDWC Event Producer) and Moacyr Alves Junior (ESL Brasil Partnerships Director).

Game Features

  • One touch control-Tap, hold or swipe and hitch a ride with your grapple or shoot at everything and leave a mess of bursted monsters!
  • Clever Mechanics-Aim and click green balloons to help you either to approach your goal or to nimbly elude the black critters.
  • Lovely visuals &Music-Enjoy moving your gum through all these hand drawing little cute along with cozy music!
  • More Replayability to explore-Enjoy 10 levels filled with 10 Gigantic Bosses and 6 Upgradable Weapons and 14 Bonus which offer you a good replayability.

While gaming has moved on significantly since these formative exploratory days, it seems our adoration of hooking onto distant objects remains as fervent as ever, and Grapple Gum is the latest in a long line of excellent App Store titles aiming to capitalize on this innate passion of humanity. When you try the game, you will likely have to notice its eccentric combination of grappling gameplay with shooting action in it.

Grapple Gum also won two awards at Carthage Game Show: Best Mobile Games and Game of the Year recently and later will be a must buy when it finally launches on September 14th. Go and grab this cute gum with your friends! Grapple Gum features a One touch control. Tap, hold or swipe and hitch a ride with your grapple or shoot at everyting and leave a mess of bursted monsters!

Grapple Gum can be free downloaded from App Store.