The futuristic 3D platforming puzzler Grapple will be coming to Steam for PC and Mac on March 9, 2015.

Developed by Tuesday Society and published by Midnight City, Grapple is an inventive platformer that tasks players with controlling a ball of goo through 90 unique and progressively more difficult and complex levels. Gamers will use the ability to walk and climb on nearly any surface, jump, use a gooey appendage to swing from platforms above, and blast through special cannons to safely make it through each level. Different surfaces react in different ways, which can speed up or kill the goo ball.

“We’ve always loved games that not only are a blast to play, but also challenged your brain a bit,” said Sam Tuggle, Head Programmer for Tuesday Society. “Grapple was built from the ground up to do both of those in spades, and with 90 levels of progressively increasing insanity, there’s a lot to love about this little ball of goo and its journey.”

Grapple key features include:
•Tons of Freedom: Go where you please in this platformer that challenges your expectations of traditional 3D platforming design, featuring huge, complex levels with numerous obstacles.
•Think Fast, Play Faster: Players must combine quick reflexes and solid platforming instincts to run, climb, swing, and jump through 90 levels of futuristic 3D platforming goodness. With multiple checkpoints and unlimited lives, your skill is the only thing slowing you down.
•Variety Abounds: Traverse through each level filled with regular sticky platforms, bounce platforms, cannons, force fields, red death platforms (avoid these!), invisible platforms (which appear invisible when far away but will pop up when you get close), and lots more.
•Different Strokes for Different Folks: Three different game modes to play through and dominate: Standard (straightforward with checkpoints along each level); Time Trial (all 90 levels, but with NO checkpoints to keep track of and beat your best times); and Speed Run (a full run through the ENTIRE game, all 90 levels, with checkpoints).
Grapple will release on Steam March 9, 2015 for the suggested price of $7.99. For more information on Grapple, please visit

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