Zotrix, another sensational video game from Croatia hits Steam Early Access

Ocean Media LLC releases its first indie title “Zotrix” on Steam Early Access

After successful Greenlight campaign small indie team from Zapresic, Croatia continued working on its title Zotrix and kept its promise to all the supporters to deliver it in Q1 2015.

“This is new direction for the company which was producing mostly casual games for last 8 years. Indie waters is something where we always wanted to be and it feels really good. Steam has vibrant community which embraced our ideas and I’m more than happy to say, yes we will be coming with more cool games in the near future.” said Vedran Klanac, CEO and founder of Ocean Media LLC.

Another great aspect of this project is music production. We used Zotrix as promotion platform for talented music artists and producers to promote their work. Offering an opportunity for talented musicians to break into games industry was something we all are thrilled about.

There are experienced guys who contributed their tracks and for some of these guys this was first time they composed music for a video game and result are fantastic energetic trance like tracks.

Leading role were taken by Giovanni Rotondo, established music composer in film industry and game music veteran composer Damjan Mravunac, best known for his music for Serious Sam series and latest hit game The Talos Principle.

Here’s list of all musicians and their songs contributed to the project:

Giovanni Rotondo – Title track and intro music Damjan Mravunac – No Protocol Steven Rosas and Spongeworthy – Geoturmoil Alain Jacob – Pas si simple Michael Featherstone – Pirates punching Audio Damage – Salida De Sol Davor Stosic – Forget you,Summer thang,U givin me,April 8th,Asja2,Will never GALILEE – Ok, Let’s begin!
Fat Benjamin – House About That
Gelby – Guriga
Jon C. Avenue – Trancentral
Gemini – Alien Intro, Mittenacht, Alien Outro

Availability and system requirements: Zotrix is available from Feb 18th 2015 and requires Windows XP/Vista/7/8/9/10; a 2.0 GHz processor; 1 GB of system memory; a 3D card with 512 MB video memory; and OpenGL, 320 MB of free space on hard drive. Mac version will be available in following week after initial launch of PC version and will require OS X 10.7 installed on appropriate Mac computer.

Price of Early Access version is: $9.99

Zotrix is arcade space shooter inspired by early shooter games on arcade machines from 80’s and early 90’s. Designed for all generations it contains missions with nice and colorful enemies while focused on arcade element of the gameplay.

Ocean Media LLC is an independent publisher of desktop and mobile games. Since our founding in 2006, we’ve developed over 50 titles for world market for PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Wii, 3DS, iOS, Android. Visit us on-line at www.oceanmedia.hr.

ZeroBit Games is gaming label featured by Ocean Media. Under this label we’re developing arcade games for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and console platforms. Since our establishing in 2010 we have developed 4 games. Visit us on-line at www.zerobitgames.com

Game web site: http://www.zerobitgames.com/zotrix
Twitter: @zotrixgame
Steam Early Access game page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/343280

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