Indie game developer Alan Zucconi and UK independent publisher Mastertronic are excited to unveil a stellar Level Editor update to space simulation game 0RBITALIS on Steam Early Access.

Assume the reins of mission control! Manage the path of a satellite in different celestial challenges and test your staying power against the biggest enemy in the universe: gravity. Now the challenge has got even more intense with the game-changing new Level Editor Update, which enables players to design their own solar system.

Channel your ingenuity to create your own planetary formations, embark on probing missions and scan planetary forms for the perfect launch time. Stay alert – you only get one chance to launch the satellite before you are left to the mercy of the gravitational pulls from other planets. When you’ve created your ideal space system, share your accomplishment with the Steam Universe!

0RBITALIS offers a unique game experience, blending simple but effective visual artistry with physics perfection.

Stuart Morton, Producer, Mastertronic, commented, “The ability for players to create their own levels in 0RBITALIS has been high up on player’s lists of most-wanted features, so it’s great to finally be able to launch the Level Editor feature. Alan Zucconi has created a stellar editor that will allow players to create their own universe of levels and share them easily using the power of Steam Workshop.”

0RBITALIS is available on PC through digital download. One click is all it takes. How long will you last? Check out the Level Editor trailer here: http://youtu.be/ZkuGIpTja_8

Digital storefronts: 50% launch discount

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/278440/

Get Games: http://getgamesgo.com/product/0rbitalis

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