Now on the iOS App Store: Help the dead cross over in Blackwell 4: Deception mystery adventure

The fourth chapter in Wadjet Eye Games’ acclaimed Blackwell adventure series has been released for iPhone and iPad, for $3.99 USD (or equivalent in local currency)

Trailer (YouTube):

About Blackwell 4: Deception
New York City, present day. Street psychics have set up shop on every corner to prey on the gullible and milk them dry. Rosa Blackwell – a true psychic – sees right through the pricey scams these so-called “healers” are running. And when she and her jazz-era ghost partner Joey Mallone start bumping into confused spirits who consulted street psychics during their final days, the duo realizes that more than money is at stake. Now Rosa and Joey must help the restless ghosts find peace and expose the truth before anyone else is killed.

Blackwell 4: Deception is a modern adventure game with a retro feel, thanks to its 2D pixel-art graphics, classic point-and-click gameplay, and engrossing mystery storyline featuring two playable characters with different puzzle-solving abilities. Though it’s the fourth in a series of five, new players can jump right in with Blackwell 4: Deception’s self-contained story. And if you’ve played the first three games in the series, teaming up with Rosa and Joey again will feel like reuniting with old friends.

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