Today, Ubisoft® announced that players of Might & Magic® Duel of Champions will now be able to use any card they own in every deck they create. The update also brings a new Five Tower expansion, introducing 80 new cards and two new cards types – adding powerful new game mechanics and strategies with Buildings and Melee-Shooters.

Using cards in multiple decks!
“Our community has been requesting the ability to add a card in multiple decks and we’re happy to say that with this next update coming in just two days time, this will now be possible. As with physical card games, where players can swap their cards from one deck to another, Duel of Champions players can now use the same cards in every deck they create. We expect this feature to be helpful in the use of Epic and neutral cards and it will reduce the amount of cards players have to keep in their collection,” said Samuel Jobin, live producer of the game. “We are always listening to our community and will continue to do our best to keep bringing exciting updates to Duel of Champions!”

The feature is part of the deck builder which all players will have access to when creating their decks. With their extra cards, players can now decide to either keep them in their card collection or to burn them in the Infernal Pit, where they will receive specific cards and gold in exchange.

Introducing new cards and new gameplay: Buildings
Five Towers also introduces the new concept of Buildings. As positioning is a key strategy in the game, buildings can be now deployed on any battleground position a player controls, and used on creatures to give them new buffs and abilities. Those cards can be collected and added to players’ decks just as they would with creatures, spells, and fortunes.

Also expanding gameplay is another new creature type, the melee-shooter. Deployable on any battleground space, they can attack from anywhere but are vulnerable to counterattacks like flyer and melee creatures.

For more information on the Five Tower expansion, have a look at the official Might & Magic Duel of Champions® Twitch page on Wednesday, December 4th at 6pm CET.

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About Might & Magic Duel of Champions
Might & Magic Duel of Champions ® is developed by Ubisoft Quebec. The free-to-play online game includes hundreds of new, detailed, collectible cards, all set in the Might & Magic ® universe. As players develop their skills and strategies, they will be pitted against each other in epic battles, and earn the ability to get new cards with every duel.

Might & Magic Duel of Champions is playable cross-platform, available on PC, Steam and Windows, and iPad.

For more information and to play Might & Magic Duel of Champions, please visit: www.duelofchampions.com

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