OSHT – Ocular Speed Health Training – now available

OSHT (Ocular Speed Health Training) is a new game brought to you by Critical Hit Studios that will have you shouting out its acronym… In the spirit of games like Tetris or any match 3 game, OSHT has combined the best of both worlds to provide a frantic hand-eye coordination experience that will test your limits! With simple game mechanics it’s very easy to pick up and play, but always difficult to master.

The concept is simple, tap on the colored shape that corresponds with the randomized shape on the top right of the screen. Every time you tap on the corresponding shape, it’ll disappear and a new colored shape will be chosen. If more than one of the same shape is connected when tapped, then it’ll create a chain reaction that will eliminate them all and you will be rewarded with more points! If there are 10 or more of the same shape connected when tapped, well then OSHT! The entire screen will be wiped clean!

•Frantic hand-eye coordination experience
•Single Player mode
•Versus Mode (Random opponents & Friends)
•Daily Login Rewards
•Various character slimes to obtain
•Helpful items to use
OSHT launched onto Google Play on March 12, 2015 and is available as a free download.

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