PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate out from today on PlayStationTM4 and PlayStationTMVita !

Double Eleven and Q-Games are delighted to announce that from today, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will be available as a Cross Buy purchase on the PlayStation ™ Network! Developed for PlayStation™4 and PlayStation™Vita, Shooter Ultimate also features Cross Play and Cross Save!

The game will go on sale for $14.99/€11.99/£9.99/¥1,850. It’s also part of June’s Instant Game Collection, providing it to PlayStation™Plus members for the month of June as part of their subscription.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is a twin stick shooter with equal elements of action, exploration, and puzzle solving. The game combines Shooter 1 and 2 into one title with PS™4-ized graphics. For the first time ever, PS™Vita owners can play against PS™4 owners in the same game. Find out more about the game here:

In Shooter Ultimate, players interact with environments that run an advanced fluid dynamics simulation needed to solve puzzles, overcome enemies, and progress through many unique levels. Learning how to combine water, lava, gas, magnetic oil and even stomach acid with your ship’s special power-ups is essential to progressing into the unpredictable depths of Apoxus Prime.

The game lands today, June 3rd in the Americas, and is currently scheduled to be released in Europe on the 4th, Asia on the 5th and Japan on the 18th.

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