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37Games Announces Open Beta for Siegelord on December 20th

37Games is thrilled to announce the open beta stage for Siegelord will begin on December 20th. Siegelord is a medieval, strategy game based in the fictional world of Thieden. The continent is in utter turmoil as three factions battle for complete control of the land. Be a barbarian and pick the Nord’s Alliance as you guide these stout, battle-hardened warriors of the north. Direct the last bastion of civility in the once prosperous Kingdom of Albion. Or, link up with evil and join the malevolent forces that are the Empire of Gorm.

New Siegelord Trailer can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_xtf-yzHPg

Siegelord provides players with both strong RPG and Strategy elements within the game. Players will have the ability to recruit generals based on their skill sets and outfit them with loot found throughout the battlefields on the world map. Further on in the campaign for Thieden, players will be able to forge their own gear and endow their armor with powerful enhancements.

Fans of more traditional strategy games will be delighted with the type of map Siegelord offers. Siegelord has a persistent, multiplayer online world in which players can attack or be attacked at any time. Players will battle on many different terrains within the game and each terrain will have effects on the outcome of each battle. One general might specialize in sieges while another specializes in defense or mountain warfare. Choosing the location of the battle that best suits your general’s skillset is key. The world map also offers strategic objectives. Some conquests can prove far more valuable if they’re located at geographic choke holds on the map.

Factions also have their own specific advantages. The Kingdom of Albion might specialize in trade while the Nord’s Alliance might have access to more gear. The world map will also offer quests in order to encourage working together with other players who are also in your faction. Siegelord blends the elements of RPG and RTS games to form a unique, novel experience for any strategy or MMO fan.

For more information on Siegelord, please visit:
Siegelord Official Website at http://siegelord.37.com/
Siegelord Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Siegelord.37Games
37Games Official Website at http://en.37.com/

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