All Aboard! Chariot Steers onto Nintendo’s Wii U

Frima today announced that couch co-op platformer Chariot is now available on Nintendo’s Wii U System, after first launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in Fall 2014. In Chariot, a princess and her fiancé traverse the royal catacombs in search of a final resting place worthy of His Majesty. Players must use their wits and teamwork as they venture through stunning environments and discover new challenges at every turn.

Begin your adventure with Chariot’s trailer, and view the developer diary for an inside look into the game’s creation.

In Chariot, players guide the King’s funeral casket by using physics-based mechanics, such as swinging, riding, pulling and pushing. Featuring gorgeous, varied landscapes, Chariot offers a wealth of challenges as players continue along their perilous journey. Alone or with a friend, Chariot offers the thrill of an afterlife!

“Wii U is the perfect console for local co-op games, and bringing Chariot to Wii U was a natural fit,” said Frima Executive Producer Martin Brouard. “We look forward to seeing how new players enjoy the ride!”

Chariot is available for $14.99 on Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. On Steam, Chariot is optimized for controller use, but keyboard controls have also been implemented.

For more information, visit Chariot’s official website at

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