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Adventure onward in an action RPG like no other! West Legends is now available for iOS and iPad!

Singapore – Independent development Studio Axion Logic is excited to announce their action RPG, West Legends is now available from the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad. Adventure across the West in a gorgeous hand drawn manga art style, upgrading skills and equipment to battle treacherous foes in an all new adventure! The game is currently available on iTunes for $2.99, or the currency equivalent.

Adventure onward! Battle formidable foes with intense skill combos and tactical moves, strategically upgrading skills and weapons in an action RPG like no other. Play a party of up to four unique characters with their own wide variety of weapons, armor, accessories and unique skills as they level up battling waves of monsters in real time. Players will have to tactfully mix and match the varied skills of their characters to control the battlefield and defeat hordes of enemies and gigantic bosses. Loosely based on the famous Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, players will venture onward through treacherous landscapes filled with hostile monsters to find the ultimate adventure. Victory is yours!


• Hundreds of hand drawn high resolution animation frames in manga art style designed for retina display and iPad

• Choose from over 100+ weapons, swords, items, spells, armor, gear and loot for deep levels of customization

• 12 original composed soundtracks and immersive sound effects

• Traverse across 4 distinct worlds; through desert wastelands, lush forests, erupting volcano lands and ancient cities

• Fight Boss characters and enlist 3 of them to your party

• Mix and match the active and passive skills to control the battles: Damage all nearby enemies with Goku’s Wind and Fire Spin, Stun them with Pigsy’s Love Charm or simply heal allies with Sanzo’s Phoenix Aura

• Comic strip style storytelling with a gripping plot filled with action and humor.

West Legends allows the player to turn enemies into allies once they have been defeated. As the list of allies grows, the player will be able to choose the four characters they will have in their squad to continue the journey. “We’re currently working towards adding in even more enemies that can be transformed into allies and join the game,” says lead developer Andy Lee. “The extra characters and content will be added at no extra charge to the player. We want players to have a fun, memorable experience with no in-game purchases. West Legends was intended to be an all inclusive game that has everything you could ever want from an action RPG.”

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