AirAttack 2 from Art In Games is out now on iOS.

It’s the sequel to the MASSIVE 2010 hit AirAttack which was Number 1 in over 60 countries and over 30 million copies shipped. It is out NOW on iOS and will be released on Android Q1 2016.

AirAttack 2 is a 1942 2D style shooter that packs a 3D punch. With its fully modelled and destructible 3D environment and stunning visuals it’s sure to top the charts again.

Play over 23 levels and numerous challenges to beat the axis of evil as well as your friends.
Challenge your friends to survival missions, bombing runs, flying specific aircraft and levels where you can take just 1 hit. There is also a chat mechanism too so you can goad each other and smack talk.

The weapons system has been re-written and there is also a Tail Gunner point of view where you can man the tail gun and man the heavy machine gun whilst dropping bombs on the enemy targets. There are also 5 planes to choose from and upgrade, all with their own distinctive advantages.

Battle over Air Land and Sea against bigger and BIGGER enemies in this epic battle of good over evil.