AIRSHIP BAKERY TM Enables Players to Manipulate the Gameboard and Score Big on iOS and Android!

Torn Screen Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Airship Bakery TM is now available FREE for iOS and Android. Puzzle game players can look forward to pulling off massive matches in a whole new way: drag baked goods ANYWHERE on the gameboard to realign tiles and make multiple matches in a single turn!

Airship Bakery invites players to bake their way across an ever-expanding land of challenging game boards, picky customers and unforeseen obstacles. Players can compete against their friends across 96 different levels (and counting), quickly baking cakes, pies and pastries to serve to all the townspeople before running out of moves. Airship Bakery mastery comes with figuring out each puzzle, maximizing match combos, and becoming the best baker in the land! •A new match puzzle mechanic: Drag your baked goods ANYWHERE on the board realigning the tiles to make multiple matches in a single turn! Match 3 or more tiles of each delicious dessert and make the townspeople happy!
•Fun to play and challenging to master: Figure out the puzzle to maximize your combos. Have your skills challenged as you traverse the land with different game boards, picky customers, and obstacles dropped in your way.
•New objectives: Bake your cakes, pies, and pastries quickly and serve all the townspeople before you run out of moves!
•Ever-expanding land: Travel the land and bake to your heart’s content in 96 levels – with more challenging levels coming with each update!
•Compete against friends: Compete against your friends for the top score in every level and determine who is the best baker with the most delectable bakery!

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