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Alice VR is Available Today (Video)

A sci-fi adventure inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, Alice VR takes you to a mysteriously abandoned planet. Led by an AI that knows more than it’s willing to reveal, you must decipher the workings of alien technologies, uncover the planet’s secrets, and try to repair your ship with your sanity intact.

Alice VR is available today for standard PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OSVR in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Polish.

Stranded on a foreign planet after an emergency landing, you exit the ship to find that all its inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. Venture deep into a world of wonder and abandoned beauty, undermine the laws of physics and choose the paths that will ultimately decide the fate of both you and the planet.

Alice VR features:
– Story-driven adventure with multiple paths and endings.
– Exploration of an alien planet of beautiful desolation and mystery.
– VR tailor-made with players’ comfort a priority.
– Puzzles and characters inspired by adventures of Alice in Wonderland.
– Free digital extras including the full soundtrack, 40-page art book with commentary, exclusive wallpapers, making-of footage.

“As our first major game, we wanted Alice VR to be more than just a visual spectacle,” said Carbon Studio Art Director and co-founder Alek Caban. “We wanted our world to envelop players, to inspire wonder and invite curiosity. Lewis Carroll had a brilliant talent for merging reality and imagination to create places that were familiar, yet so wildly distant, and so his stories became the perfect sources of inspiration.”

You can learn more about what inspired Alice VR from a previously released video: https://youtu.be/Q87L1VBey9Q

“We couldn’t be happier to have Alice VR as Klabater’s debut release as an indie publisher,” said Klabater CEO Michal Gembicki. “This has been a dream project for Carbon Studio, and the entire team has poured their hearts into Alice VR. We are honored that they chose us to help bring their game to life.”

Follow the white rabbit into the unknown. Alice VR is available today.