Collectable Card Game dueling plus unit tactics strategy – has released an all-new expansion of 60 Cards.

This is a particularly special event for those of us at Apocoplay. A few months ago, the Alteil GMs joined up with a small group of talented programmers to start a new company (that would be Apocoplay) to take over the license of Alteil and save the game from extinction! Now, not only is Alteil still alive and kicking, but we’ve successfully released our first full expansion just in time for the holidays! And, in our humble opinion, it’s one of Alteil’s best Card Sets ever!

Since its initial launch summer 2008, Alteil US has grown to feature over 800 cards, 12 full Card Sets, 11 EX Card Expansions and a robust online community. Now, Alteil has proven its ability stand on its own two feet and is poised to grow even bigger in the months to come!

Card Set 12 features:
– Several new artists joining Alteil’s masters of Japanese fantasy art, providing a more realistic-style fantasy edge!
– New Cards are available as prizes in treasure battles, for level ups, in the Free Daily Lotto, a special limited-time Gold Box, reduced-price Gold Packs and the standard packs and boxes.
– The new skills and abilities in Set 12 focus on building solid files of the four foundational kingdoms, which will easily allow users to incorporate their Starters and cards from previous sets with Set 12. It’s easy to start playing with Set 12 cards right away!

Check out new card set here:

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