Anuman – Red Johnson Chronicles is back on PC

After a noted incursion on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, detective Red Johnson is back on PC with two high-risk investigations. Reflexes and quick-thinking are required for the players to save the day and overcome a long journey rife with dangers.

In “Red Johnson’s Chronicles”, the adventure fans meet the private detective Red Johnson and comb the crime scenes, searching for clues and using the collected items to progress in the investigation. In the corrupt city of Metropolis, they regularly need to solve puzzles in order to initiate a specific action (picking a padlock, retrieving a videotape…).

“Red Johnson’s Chronicles” is also an investigation that leads the players throughout the corrupt city where they shall interrogate potential suspects and witnesses. Clear-headedness is the key to choose the right questions within a limited time.

Sometimes, the game also requires the players to press within the given time some buttons to carry out reflex actions, such as dodging a revolver shot , adding dynamism to the adventure.

An informer can reveal to the players some more or less useful clues so that they can move on in the adventure and not be stuck at some point.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles
Metropolis’ forces of law and order calls Red on an investigation
that seems unsolvable. The adventure begins on Drownedmen’s Bridge,
on the crime scene.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles : One Against All
Hunted down by the Mafia,
Red receives his brother’s finger,
who has just been kidnapped. This time, it’s personal !

· A brand new gameplay, adapted for PC
· An original storyline that leads you throughout the dangerous streets of Metropolis
· dialogs written and played with humor
· Puzzles to solve
· Easy-to-play and efficient action scenes
· Possibility to observe every detail of the collected items in 3D
· Fully-integrated help system
· Eye-catching and modern design

Alain Milly, Editorial Director at Anuman Interactive declares that “we are delighted to be working with the Lexis Numérique studio that have put all their trust in us for the adaptation of the series for PC. Lexis Numérique is well-known for the quality and the success of their adventure games, and therefore we are very excited to be able to add the “Red Johnson’s Chronicles” series to our Microïds lineup that includes all our adventure games.”

José Sanchis, CEO and co-founder of Lexis Numérique, adds that “we have chosen Anuman Interactive to adapt “Red Johnson’s Chronicles” 1 & 2 because we entirely trust their all-time experience on PC (a 12-year-expérience now). Players all over the world will now be able to play those excellent titles on this platform too.”

The game can be found in english, french, Italian, german and spanish.

Minimum requirements
Systèm : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
CPU : Intel 2 GHz (or similar)
Ram : 2GB
Video : ATI HD6750 ou GeForce GT5450
Direct X 9.0 or newer
Son : Direct X Compatible

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