Astrosurf, the new intergalactic app

Astrosurf, the new intergalactic app that gets you bobbing and weaving through the cosmos, racking up points as you go. On your way, unlocking new spaceships keep players entertained for weeks and striving for a better High Score.

Hailing from Rotterdam, NL, Oskar Maan and Jan Bijster of Moanbej make up the artist/physicist duo and have launched their first app for Android and iOS devices. Together, their expertise in fine arts, physics and their passion for games have brought about this beautiful and challenging cosmic experience. Be warned, they have taken their players seriously and have not made the game an easy feat. Although everyone can play the game, their target group is made up of those who play to win, are not afraid of a challenge and want to see their High Score on the international list of top players. The developers have made sure to keep the humor in gaming by referencing fun icons from pop culture and popsicles.

The Android launch on Nov. 13, 2014 quickly garnered international recognition and was featured in LA-based Culture Collide in their Best Apps column: “if the pun-y name wasn’t enough, the app’s gorgeous illustrations will keep you interested for weeks on end”. Now the iOS version is released it is time to let the world know.

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