Auction Wars: Storage King is now available on iOS!

Inspired by the popular reality TV shows, Auction Wars: Storage King puts you in the shoes of a professional auction buyer. Visit the storage auctions and use your skills to make the correct bid, then walk away with hidden treasures and BIG money!

GameDigits Ltd., a leading developer of digital mobile and tablet video games, is excited to announce that its latest game Auction Wars: Storage King is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You can see the trailer video here –

Players take on the role of a professional auction buyer, visiting storage auctions with the aim of finding hidden treasure and making big money! They must pit their wits against in-game opponents, who have their own personalities and bidding characteristics. If players hold their nerve and bid the right amount, they could walk away with a big profit. But beware, that mysterious looking chest could hold a valuable rare object or some old junk!

Auction Wars: Storage King includes the following features:

– Many different storage auction locations
– Game Center leaderboards & achievements
– Beautiful retina display HD graphics
– Rare items & invite only auctions
– Realistic AI characters

To bid or not to bid – that is the question!

While players progress, they unlock bigger and better auctions, with higher quality items coming up for grabs. As players succeed, they are invited to enter mysterious ‘invite only’ auctions to collect rare and precious items! Not only are players aiming to make the biggest profit, they are trying to hunt down and collect every item the game has to offer.

Lindsey Greenwood from GameDigits Ltd. commented “Even though the game is challenging, Auction Wars: Storage King is easy to pick up and play. It really captures the essence of the reality TV shows and I’m especially proud of the game’s high production values. It’s the best game of its kind on the App Store and is leagues ahead of the competition!”

The app also offers full support for Game Center, with players able to unlock a number of achievements, competing against friends and strangers alike on the leaderboards.

Auction Wars : Storage King has already been well received on the app store and is currently No.1 in the Casino charts in many countries and has received many five star rating.

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