Battle Bros: Coming soon to iOS and Android.

Battle Bros, the action packed co-op tower defense game by DryGin Studios to hit the App Store and Google Play in a few weeks.

You can watch the trailer here:

In this never-ending, fast-paced survival game, progress through all 4 seasons of the year and discover new enemies and strategies. Trap them with spikes, blow them up with cannons or dynamite, bite them with your guard dog, or lure them in with a scarecrow to better use your melee attack. It’s all about getting the job done!

“We are happy to bring exceptionally easy to use real-time multiplayer gaming to the mid-core mobile market. Real-time gaming on mobile isn’t mainstream yet but we found out that co-op was a great way to achieve a positive and rewarding experience.” – DryGin Studios

– Play real-time multiplayer or single player
– Upgrades and unlock traps to create your own strategy
– Get into the fight with your melee and range attacks
– Play co-op through matchmaking or invite your friends with a simple SMS.

Platforms: iOS, Android
Publisher: DryGin Studios
Developer: DryGin Studios
Genre: Action, Strategy, Tower Defense.
Releasing: TBA, Q4 2015
Price: Free