‘Bayla Bunny’ On STEAMTM Needs Your Help To Collect Magical Treasures And Loot! (Video)

Indie game developer EnsenaSoft is proud to announce the release of Bayla Bunny to STEAM™, brought to you in partnership with leading games publisher, UIG Entertainment. Bayla Bunny is the latest title from the EnsenaSoft catalogue of classic games to enter the STEAM™ ecosystem and promises to entertain with its exhilarating combination of runner- and platform-gaming.

Bayla Bunny has discovered a book full of maps to magical treasures and loot, and sets out on an exciting adventure to discover them all. Energized and ready to explore, she takes off running and once she gets going, she rarely stops!

Bayla Bunny offers a fun gameplay experience combining the best of platform- and runner-games, and your task is to control Bayla as she hops, runs, jumps, bounces, ducks, swings, rides and rocket herself through 27 challenging levels collecting coins, keys and treasure chests full of goodies. The faster you complete a level, the higher ranking you will achieve. But this is not an easy task … Obstacles will hinder your progress, and you will encounter enemies such as rowdy raccoons, pushy porcupines, raging bulls, evil mushrooms, crazy plants and frog kings all while avoiding flying arrows, rolling barrels, dancing fireballs, speedy cannonballs, pounding hammers and dangerous dynamite!

Bayla Bunny is not only cute; it is a fun game suitable to anyone looking for a fun gameplay experience full of rewards and surprises.