Barnstorm Games today announced that its BearShark game, inspired by CollegeHumor’s smash hit 3D original animated series BearShark, is now available in all PAL territories (excluding Australia and Germany) for the Nintendo 3DS system. This follows the success of the US released game and the animated 3D series on Nintendo Video for the Nintendo 3DS system. The BearShark game is available for purchase today from the Nintendo eShop, in five language versions: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

“We’re thrilled to have worked with CollegeHumor to bring the wild fun of BearShark to a Nintendo 3DS game that captures its spirit and humour. For the first time, European audiences will be able to play as BearShark’s confused victim, Steve, as he scrambles to stay alive on land and sea.” stated Simon Jeffrey, CEO of Barnstorm Games.

About the game:

Run, jump and swim for your life, because the top predators of land and sea are hot on your heels!

Play as Steve, last of his bloodline and the chosen one, chosen by Bear and Shark because they’re hungry. Steve is on an epic journey, cursed by The Programmers to run an endless gauntlet that defies all known hope and logic.

Get wet and wild with underwater sections!

Brand new, never-before-seen ‘score’ feature keeps track of ‘numbers’. Use Steve’s trademark ‘jump’ to avoid dangerous obstacles, like rocks, puffer fish and the diabolical machinations of Bear and Shark.

Eat cupcakes you find in the woods or floating in the lake to increase your score.

Race for infinity as you ask the question on everyone’s mind: Why are Bear and Shark chasing you? Are you the bad guy? What have you done? WHAT DID YOU DO? Make up your own backstory to this never-ending adventure and find out!

When Bear and Shark team up, no-one is safe!

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