Beeline™ Interactive, Inc, a leading developer and publisher of social games for smartphones and tablets, and Peanuts Worldwide today announced that their “Snoopy’s Candy Town ” game, a colorful and fast-paced new candy making game starring Snoopy®, his sister Belle, and the whole Peanuts® gang, is now available on the App Store. This new game, from the studio that created the popular “Snoopy’s Street Fair” game, immerses players in a sugary-sweet world filled with tasty treats, cute contraptions, and all their favorite Peanuts friends.

Snoopy has just inherited a candy factory from his dear old dad, but this beagle has got a lot to learn about the candy making business. Players can help Snoopy and friends keep the factory afloat by seeing to it that the machines are always buzzing and the candy keeps popping out fresh, sweet, and ready to sell. Players help grow the candy business from the ground up by hiring a team of cute bird workers, adding some spectacularly silly candy making machines, ordering lots of mouthwatering ingredients, and sending out speedy bicycle delivery vehicles to fetch all the tasty fixings.

There’s lots of demand for the factory’s lip-smacking product, so players will need to keep up the pace in order to create enough delectable goodies to keep their customers happy. These pint-sized Peanuts patrons can get pretty impatient too! The bright and whimsical factory is constantly a whirl of animated activity with anxious customers lining up and clamoring for treats, machines squishing, squeezing, and rolling out gooey goodies, and feathered workers flying about keeping the mad machines in motion.

As players take charge to keep the orders coming and customers satisfied, they’ll also enjoy visits from their beloved Peanuts friends, who will give them tasks to earn extra Beagle Bucks. They can also use currency they earn in the game to expand and customize their factories, upgrade delivery vehicles, hire new workers, and add more storage space for sweets and ingredients. Players will become part of the story, working to help Charlie Brown®, Snoopy, Belle, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang amidst a delightfully comical world of cute candy fun.

“Snoopy’s® Candy Town” adds to Beeline’s growing library of freemium smartphone and tablet games which thus far include Smurfs’® Village, Snoopy’s® Street Fair and Monster Pet Shop™ to name a few . Cumulative downloads for these titles exceed 40 million. Smurfs’ Village has ranked as the number one top-grossing app in 79 countries and consistently ranks as a top-ten grossing app worldwide on Apple’s App store. All three games regularly maintain a user review rating of 4 ½ stars or higher on the U.S. App Store.

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