BrainBattle – A Real Time Competitive Brain Training Game rewarding users with Bitcoin

FACTORS today released BrainBattle, a brand new Real Time Competitive Brain Game rewarding its most performing players with Bitcoin. BrainBattle is available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone.

About BrainBattle
BrainBattle is a brand new Real Time Competitive Brain Game with Bitcoin. In BrainBattle, players do Real-time Duels with players in the world and compete on the weekly score board. Players gain Bitcoin according to their position in the weekly ranking.

▼Furious Real-time Duels
・”Action” + “Brain Training” + “Strategy through Item-usage”
・Compete on the weekly score board, and aim for the first spot!

▼Playable by anyone, but difficult to master!
・ Controlled just by tapping and sweeping!
・ Clear the action while solving brain training problems!

▼ Create an optimal item-usage strategy!
・ You can gain the advantage through the usage of all kinds of items, which can disturb your opponent or make you invincible!

▼Duel with Friends!
Invite your friends for real-time duels! Raise the fun by dueling against friends!

▼Obtain Prize Money! Players gain Bitcoin weekly!

▼Various new mini-games are continuously added!

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