Burnout Revenge

Battle Racing Ignited

This time it’s not about winning. It’s about total domination and an utter disregard for the rules of the road. The sequel to 2004’s game of the year*, Burnout™ Revenge launches you into the fastest, most dangerous racer on the road. Exact revenge on rush hour traffic, vindictive rival racers, and everything else that gets between you and the finish line. This time it’s personal. This time it’s about revenge.

Prepare for Carnage – Battling is the only way to advance in Burnout Revenge. Use the new Revenge Meter to track your progress as you reap rewards for playing dirty
Choose Your Car, Choose Your Weapon – Every vehicle is a potential weapon, whether you’re ramming a commuter into your rival or orchestrating an explosive multi-car pileup.
Tracks Tricked Out for Takedowns – Navigate multi-level crash courses loaded with extreme jumps, multiple paths, and nasty chokepoints. Burnout Revenge is built for battle.
Car-to-Car Combat – Smash through traffi c in the fast and furious Traffic Attack mode or wreak havoc in the revolutionized Crash mode.
Car Deformation – Experience the next generation of destruction made possible by the power of the Xbox 360 and literally rip cars to shreds in the most explosive crashes in the series’ history.
Crash Redefined – Show Hollywood how it’s done with all-new open-ended crash junctions, including 10 new junctions exclusive to Xbox 360. With multiple start points, complex, vertically-oriented tracks, and hundreds of cars begging to be decimated, Burnout Revenge is the king of crash.