Cafeteria Clash

It’s your first day at your new school and it’s not what you were expecting! Every day at lunch there are massive food fights, with the whole student body participating. Arm your friends with powerful foods so they can defend you, and keep your reign going for as long as possible! Have a skilled thrower bounce tomatoes off of one enemy and hit another, or use juice to splash a large area of enemies. Better yet, combine them to do both!

Rabbit Games is proud to announce the release of Cafeteria Clash for iOS, Android, and web (through Facebook). Cafeteria Clash is a game about collecting, combining, and trading foods with your friends. Placed in a familiar school setting, Cafeteria Clash mixes classic Tower Defense gameplay with Trading Card Game elements.

– Over 120 levels of action-packed food fight madness!
– Encounter a wide range of dynamic characters as you progress through the school year!
– Trade foods with your friends!
– Combine foods for more powerful effects!
– 4 different minigames!
– Family-friendly setting so anyone can play!

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