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It’s CarneyVale: Showtime! (Video)

Appxplore is releasing one of the 10 best games at PAX and Dream-Build-Play winner – CarneyVale: Showtime!

Previously only available on the Windows phone, CarneyVale: Showtime is finally making its long deserved debut on iOS and Android. CarneyVale is an action game featuring ragdoll physics that is easy to pick-up but challenging to master. The stage is set before Slinky, a puppet animated by the magic of CarneyVale that aspires to be more than just a regular doll at the circus.

Swing from trapeze like grabbers, avoid both electrical or fire hazards and gather balloons to complete a performance that leaves your audience in awe! Master death-defying feats as you swing your way through the land of CarneyVale with skill and showmanship! The lights are shining on you… It’s show time!

CarneyVale: Showtime Features
· Perform flips and tricks on trapeze like grabbers.
· Collect balloons in fantastic fashion to impress your fans.
· Manipulate surrounding props and steer rockets like a rodeo.
· Discover hidden secrets in each level.
· Avoid electrical and fire hazards to add flair to your performance.
· Make a spectacular finish as you zip through the ring of fire!