Caveboy Escape gets major update On iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry – Escape The Maze in this Tile-Connect/Match-3 Hybrid

Help Caveboy escapes the new haunted Arctic zone with additional 200 new challenging levels, free to play today

Appxplore today released Caveboy Escape new update, introduce a new haunted Arctic zone with additional 200 new challenging levels, free to play today. Arctic zone is haunted and protected by Spirits! Caveboy must put on the ritual mask which gives him power to zap the spirits while escaping the maze. Caveboy must zap all the spirits to unlock the exit. The new Arctic zone adds a whole new experience to the gameplay.

Caveboy Escape is a brand new puzzle game about escaping mazes and it was named Best New Games by Apple and achieved over 300,000 download in first week. Their trademark pastel watercolor graphics, cute young caveman protagonist make the game appropriate for all ages, yet will be a sure hit among puzzle veterans. This mellow title is from Appxplore, known for their award-winning evolving-aliens puzzle game Alien Hive, biological puzzler Sporos as well as their recent hit game Mobfish Hunter. Journey through ruins and forests helping Caveboy find his way out of the labyrinth so he can return to his tribe! Download Caveboy Escape today for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Watch the new trailer on the official website:

Caveboy Escape is all about figuring out the correct path, subtly blending match-3 with connecting tile puzzles for a game that feels fresh and will tickle the puzzle gamer’s brains. Slide Caveboy to move over matching tiles – find the correct path to the exit.

Navigate through the maze by stepping on tiles in matching sequences. Find the correct path in order to reach the exit. But beware! The clock is ticking and time is running out. Some exits will even require keys to unlock. Help Caveboy escape so he can return to his tribe.

Caveboy Escape Features:
• Maze escape puzzle gameplay: new innovation of match-3 and tile-connect puzzles… it’s a whole new type of puzzling fun
• Solve extremely tricky pathway puzzles under the pressure of time
• Casual Challenge: pastel graphics and a mellow soundtrack, with a time limit that will challenge you without being too harsh
• Be a Star Collector: collect all stars in all stages
• Beat your friend’s timing in Survival Mode
• High Score and Achievements
• Free to play universal app for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry

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