Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night Hits Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night, the sequel to the cult Games Workshop classic, Chainsaw Warrior, hit Steam today. In this new incarnation we find Chainsaw Warrior once more called on to save us from an unending night. Last time he saved New York, now he must save the world! Fight through the jungle, face hordes of Aztec Zombies, dodge deadly traps and hunt down the extra-dimensional horror known only as Darkness. Once more there is only 60 minutes to complete this desperate mission. As Steve Martin, designer and writer at Auroch Digital, puts it, “With tonnes of new enemies and traps Lords of the Night will be Chainsaw Warrior’s toughest challenge yet.”

In this fast paced digital adventure, every decision counts, from the moment you pick your gear to either you or your enemy’s final breath of life. Featuring three new decks packed with exciting traps and enemies, new weapons and equipment and new gameplay to challenge players at every turn, while new mechanics such as the hard-won blessings will help you reach Darkness – or die trying! Equip yourself with new firearms, new chainsaws and the trusty laser-lance as you once more fight through the hordes to Darkness and on to victory. The game has three challenging difficulty settings, including classic for those who want the truly gruelling experience of the original board game.

The game is out now on Windows, Mac and Linux at Steam for $5.99/€5.99/£4.79. For more information, visit the Chainsaw Warrior website at Stay in the loop with Chainsaw Warrior by following Auroch Digital on Facebook and Twitter.

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