Chambara announced for Xbox One (Video)

USC Games Publishing and team ok have announced their debut title: the award-winning, stealth-action game Chambara.

“This year at USC Games, team ok took an award winning student demo and with tremendous dedication and hard work, transformed it into a full featured experience that is both artful and fun,” states Danny Bilson, professor of advanced games class at USC Games.

Chambara’s core mechanic is disappearance – a unique marriage of visuals and game design. It elegantly reinvents hide-and-seek in a world of two colors, where players strive to disappear against solid backgrounds in a dynamic environment, and are revealed by shifting perspectives when they choose to move or attack. They must strategically balance their decisions to hide and evade with striking and attacking each other. Chambara encourages players to hide in plain sight by camouflaging against like-colored areas and ambush in each other in thrilling duels.

Chambara features,
•Classic Local, Split-Screen Multiplayer for the Modern Age.
•Multiple unique stages, each intricately designed to play differently.
•Playlist functionality allows customization for casual to deep play.
•Stunning art-direction and richly interactive sound design.
•Customizable character modifiers

About USC Games Publishing:
USC Games Publishing focuses on innovative, artistic and educational games for Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox consoles, as well as PC, Mac, mobile and VR platforms. The games are from students and faculty within USC’s School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media & Games Division (IMGD) and USC Games, a collaboration between IMGD and the Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science. USC Games Publishing also engages new talent through festivals, conferences and networking opportunities. Visit: