Chillingo Launches Exit Strategy

Experimental puzzler escapes onto the App Store

Leading independent mobile games publisher, Chillingo, today announced the worldwide launch of Michael Hasenfratz and Isaac Papismado’s Exit Strategy on the App Store.

Exit Strategy is currently featured under Best New Games on the App Store.

Play with portals and think strategically to escape a series of insanely challenging puzzles.

Use the power of portals to create your own path out of 100 increasingly challenging mazes. With hundreds of stars to collect, will you be able to grab them all and make a swift escape?

Exit Strategy features:
• Swipe to open portals and create a path to the gold exit star
• Try to grab all the stars along the way to earn the best rating
• Watch out for deadly lasers, moving levels and other obstacles
• Use power-ups to remove obstacles, slow down movement or attract nearby stars
• Log into Facebook and invite your friends to join in on your great escape!

Exit Strategy is available worldwide from the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

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