City of the Shroud Novel Details Announced Final 48 Hours on Kickstarter (Video)

Going into its final 48 hours on Kickstarter, City of the Shroud has announced details about the novel set in the same fictional universe. Set during the events of the player-driven story, readers will be able to experience the world that players create during CotS’ player-driven story from a new perspective.

More information from author Moira Katson:

•As you’ve no doubt guessed by now, Keaton didn’t exactly have to twist my arm to get me to come on board with City of the Shroud. I adored the idea of working within a new story format. I loved the characters. I loved the city, broken as it was. I loved the magic that led to the shroud coming down. I couldn’t wait to see the world come to life with player input, knowing that the players, like the rest of us, would be outsiders in Iskendrun.

But it wasn’t long before I found myself scribbling little vignettes in the margins of my day planner, or getting sidetracked for whole mornings, watching my world come to life through the eyes of the characters for whom Iskendrun was not a distant city, but truly everything. These characters would not have left even if the shroud had not come down. They were in the thick of the fight for the city because the city was their home. It was all they knew, and despite its imperfections, they loved it.

I wanted to write that as a novel.

Keaton was enthusiastic, but we still weren’t quite sure where the story would center. Would it highlight one of the faction leaders? If so, which one? One character who stood out to me was a noble, bringing a face to the group who had so devastated the city. I considered writing the player-character as well. But when should I set this story? What part of the world should I highlight?

Oddly, for months, it didn’t occur to us to do the one thing that made the most sense: write someone stuck in the thick of the story the players were creating. As soon as the idea came to me, however, it resonated in the way all promising story ideas do. This right here, it seemed to shout at me. Do this!

So if you want to know spoilers about the novel…I literally can’t tell you. I’m not sure yet who will make the most sense as the narrator of the city’s troubles – it will depend on the plot twists the players create! What I do know is that the character will be watching. Seeing the Traveler fight. Watching the fallout in the city. They will be in the thick of things. They will be a part of the city that fights back against everything: the faction wars, the Shroud, the threats of war and starvation.

Be careful, Traveler. You are being watched.

The Kickstarter campaign was funded in 9 days and has entered its final 48 hours. With only 3 days left, can Abyssal Arts hit the game’s first stretch goal, New Game+?!

Every backer gets a Steam key and in-development builds as soon as the campaign is over, and there is a demo for Windows and Mac available on the campaign page.

About This Game
City of the Shroud is a tactical RPG with a twist – battles take place in a real-time, combo-based combat system where you unleash special moves, build powerful combos, and outmaneuver your opponent.

Join the live, player-driven story as it unfolds in a sprawling world, where bitter rivalries battle for control of a city descending into civil war. As you play, your choices, and the choices of every player, will create a living world of shifting alliances as you race to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

◾Real-time, combo-based battle system: think on your feet and chain together your attacks to defeat your opponents

◾The story is a living episodic campaign: every player’s actions impact how the story unfolds for the entire community.

◾4 episodes: each episode is crafted based on the cumulative influence of every player’s choices and actions from the previous episodes.

◾Written by multiple chart-topping independent author Moira Katson

◾Online PVP multiplayer

◾Deep combo and stat system lets you customize your character to suit your playstyle

◾Mod support: customize the appearance of your units in battle

◾A distinctive world, beautifully realized in 2D and 3D