Cityconomy – Service for your City officially released!

The long wait is finally over! The new open world simulation game CITYCONOMY: Service for your City from astragon Entertainment is now officially available for PC priced at £18.99/€24.99!

The inhabitants of the metropolis in CITYCONOMY are eagerly awaiting the help of their new service company that is supposed to ensure the cleanliness of the streets and the enhancement of their well-being. As the new owner of the company it lies in the players hands to make the city shine by taking care of important tasks such as garbage disposal, the maintenance of green areas or the towing of parking violators.

Via a varied, dynamic contract system players can select the tasks they then need to complete as effectively as possible. The gained experience points can then be used to improve their skills, while the money earned can be used to expand the company’s fleet.

This vehicle pool will continue to grow and encompass up to 15 types of vehicles including faithfully licensed trucks by the renowned manufacturer MAN. Several additional quests, a complex skill tree, as well as a realistic management component will provide an enormous amount depth to the gameplay.

CITYCONOMY also comes with an immersive multiplayer mode, where up to five players can cooperatively run a service company and keep the city even more easily in tip-top condition. No matter if with friends or with players from around the world, the integrated voice-chat enables the employees of the virtual company to swap ideas, define goals and coordinate the arising tasks anytime.
The support of the Xbox 360 gamepad and the Logitech G27 steering wheel, a weather system as well as a dynamic day and night cycle tops off the immersive gameplay experience.