Club Soccer Director 2018 out on iOS and Android

Developed by experienced football coach Jim Scott, Club Soccer Director 2018 offers armchair football pundits an entirely new experience. Moving beyond the squad-level tactical focus of most football management games, Club Soccer Director 2018 offers players in-depth control at the club-level. Taking on the role of Director of Football, players must keep the Board happy by managing the day-to-day running of one of 350 clubs from 5 countries. Using their skill and business acumen, players need to drive up revenues, hire and fire staff, upgrade their stadium and facilities, sign sponsors and build a dream team that will lead their club to ultimate glory. Successful Directors that prove themselves in the smaller clubs can expect to be approached by bigger clubs for an even greater challenge in the Big Leagues.

For players who long to exercise squad-level tactical influence over their club, there’s the option to override the manager’s decision on match days. Tactical options include team lineup, formation and both in and out-of-possession tactics. Club Soccer Director 2018’s live-action match engine boasts an impressive 1000+ decisions per match, real-time statistics, individual player overviews and four different game speeds – giving gamers as much or little control as they want. Players can also watch post-match interviews that look and feel like a real-life sports broadcast.

Savvy Directors can invest their club’s cash in buying or loaning players from a database of over 10,000 players, each with their unique play styles, stats and behaviours. Club Soccer Director 2018 continuously generates new players on a regular basis, ensuring that gamers have plenty of talent to choose from and as seasons progress, some retiring players go into staff roles just as they do in real life.

Club Soccer Director 2018 is available as a free app on the App Store, Amazon and Google Play.