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Colorful bubble shooter Hamster Balls available now on Google Play and Facebook

Creative Mobile’s Fun Factory along with Bad Kitty’s Dad today announced the release of Hamster Balls on Google Play. The free to play Bubble Shooter centered around four cute hamsters is also available on Facebook and targets mainly female players who love puzzle and logic games.

Hamster Balls follows four hamster friends with different personality traits and abilities. The cheeky rascal Timmy gets trapped in a cannon, thereby starting a chain reaction of experiments. Players advance through different chapters of the game, by connecting at least three bubbles of the same color in order to clear the field of all bubbles. At the start of the game, players can only clear the level with the support of Timmy, over the course of the game, all his hamster friends are unlocked to to assist Timmy. Runner can generate bombs with his hamster wheel, which vanquishes bubbles much faster. Psycho can initiate Tesla Towers that blast the bottom rows of the ball field and Wisenheimer’s telepathic helmet controls the movement of the field.

With over 100 individual game levels, the four hamsters encounter countless adventures. To free Timmy from the bubble cannon, players need to overcome a number of obstacles and tricky bubbles, such as freezing snow balls, poison balls or balls that can predict the future. Players will be confronted with different game modes and tasks, such as clearing the field within a limited amount of time or having to reach a minimum of points to advance to the next level. Upon clearing a level, players will be rewarded with cheese, the currency of the game. Once players accumulate enough cheese, it can be used to upgrade the hamsters‘ abilities or exchanged for additional lives or boosters. If the player is connected to Facebook, lives and boosters can also be gifted to friends.

Hamster Balls is the perfect game for casual gamers and even colorblind players can join the fun with the “color blind toggle“, which adds a pattern to the bubbles!

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