Combat Mission: Red Thunder v1.02 patch (PC/Mac)

The long awaited v1.02 patch for Combat Mission: Red Thunder is here!
It provides a number of important improvements and fixes, including improved stability of internet play, improved building entry for some systems, a mouse text targeting feature indicating range, improved TacAI logic, and much more.

The v1.02 patch is available for PC and Mac.

**CMRT v1.02 WHATS NEW**

Building entry no longer problematic for some systems Infantry flamethrowers have slightly longer range Troops spot immediately nearby mines better (esp. engineers) Ricocheting APHE will not explode where it finally lands (the fuse is considered damaged) Fixed a bug that sometimes caused buttoned-up tank crew to be suppressed by external explosions Squads position their teams better along walls, fences and hedges Artillery usually requires another spotting round or two before acquiring the target Corrected some TacAI problems with crewmen positioning themselves around a heavy weapon Improved coordination between tank hull and turret rotation Better logic selecting the two men for scout teams Improved long-range optics for JPz IV, Jagdpanther Very heavily-laden soldiers cannot use Fast or sometimes even Quick moves Mouse text for targeting: too close or out of range Towed guns look better as vehicle turns Improved damage modeling for external systems on tanks Improved QuickBattle choices Improved TCP/IP play

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