Comic-Game Hybrid SXPD Now Available On Android

OneBigGame today announced that SXPD, the comic book / game hybrid that launched this summer on iOS, is now available for Android devices worldwide.

Players can download the game from the Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore. The full game and comic book are available for only $1.99.

Developed specifically for OneBigGame’s charity initiative, SXPD was directed by games industry legend David Perry (Earthworm Jim, MDK, Messiah) and developed by Little Chicken Game Company in collaboration with graphic novel writer and artist Duke Mighten (DC Comics’ Batman: Book of Shadows, Marvel Comics’ Punisher 2099, Judge Dredd).

The game revolves around the adventures of the SXPD, a female-only police department battling the forces of evil in the fantastical city of New Royale. The app can best be described as the world’s first true comic book game, and sees state of the art comic book pages transform seamlessly into hi-octane racing game action and vice versa.

As with all OneBigGame games, SXPD was created specifically for this non-profit initiative.Net proceeds generated from SXPD purchases will go to OneBigGame’s official charity partners.

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