Crest – Good God, Bad God (Video)

The City States update brings human relations, politics and conflicts to the table.

Expressing yourself is the key of Crest and doing so through your followers and the world they shape. Now you will be able to influence your followers indirectly and at times their political scheming. As a God you have the answers but one question remains; will it feel like a pleasant surprise or a bad dream?

So whats´s new? Each city is now it´s own state and will negotiate peace, trade treaties and wage war, depending on how they view their neighbors. Depending on how you nurture your followers with commandments it will affect how they treat each other. As such they can go between moods depending on what you tell them to feel. It befalls on you to stop them going down the wrong path.
‘The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference’.

You can check out Crest’s City States release on Steam now!

New Features
• Trade – Cities will be able to forge trade agreements with each other and build trade routes to trade resources they can’t find on their own.
• War – Cities with hateful disposition towards each other are likely to send their warriors to war.
• Diplomacy – Diplomats will travel to other friendly cities to make trade agreements or start an alliance.
• City Needs – The City Needs is a new system that show what the city and followers crave and will make them happy.
• More Verbs and Words – All new verbs that have more differentiation and is easier to understand, and also new words symbols!
• Ideology – This will determine the disposition of your cities, different ideologies tend to like some more than others.
• Wealth – New resource that can be used when trading.

• Happiness System – This system have gotten an overhaul and is now determined by the new City Needs system. Happiness affects how efficient workers they are.
• City GUI – The interface is now cleaner and more succinctly presents the important information for the player.
• New Water Shader – Our new animated sea adds more life to the world.
• Destroyed Buildings – More buildings now have a destroyed state before disappearing.
• GUI Scaling – You can now adjust the scale of the GUI to your preference.
• Metal in Savannah – Metal ore will now spawn in Savannah but in less quantity than in Deserts.
• Improved Word Tablets – The world tablets now takes up less space in the center of the screen.
• Revamped Hunger System – People who are starving does not fall immediately dead as before, but rather works less efficiently.”

About This Game
Welcome to Crest, a god game where you are as a parent to your children. Your only way of communication with your subjects is commandments you write for them. How these commandments are interpreted and remembered are not set in stone. What you write and what experiences they have with the environment is the basis for their religion. You might find that your people will change on their own accord over time and use your commandments for their own devices.

You have an indirect control of your people with your commandments; consequences of your actions may not always be clear and you will need to be aware of the ever-changing environment and your people’s disposition, amongst others their disposition towards you. Expressing yourself is the key of Crest; you will do so through your people and the world they shape.
Key Features
◾Write rules for your subjects which will have interesting consequences.

◾Many different ways to express your divinity which will be reflected in your followers.

◾Immersive feedback which will show you the progress of your people and create a rich history.

◾Procedurally generated game world which changes over time and shows wear and tear.

◾An expressive game without end-goal where you can focus on building your legacy.

◾Your people have free will, focus on leading them rather than controlling their every move.

◾Emergent world where weather, vegetation, mineral deposits, drought and animal behavior will create surprises.

Progression and Losing
Every new world you start is unique; you can’t have multiple saves of it so you will have to think carefully of what you want to do. If your people die off that world is gone forever as a playable save file. However, you will be able to view the legacy of your old worlds. As long as your people live you can continue playing, and as you progress create your own history.
Crest is an Afrofuturist game that reimagines how humanity arose in the cradle of humankind on the African continent. It’s a historical themed game that tries to emulate an advanced iron age civilization that could have existed a few thousand years ago. The setting for the game world, its flora and fauna is based on African biomes, with rainfall determining the tug-of-war between desert, savanna and jungle.