Crusaders Quest introduces new Heroes, areas, and villains in Memories of the North

TOAST, the publishing brand of NHN Entertainment USA, released the latest version of Crusaders Quest to the world. With a completely new map, a new Goddess, and a new villain to thwart at every turn, your 16-bit 6-star Heroes will be put to the ultimate test.

In the latest chapter, Crusaders Quest dives headlong into its retro roots, delivering an entirely new adventure set in a world where magic meets tech. Nemesis, the new villain, is the apex of achievement machinery, looking to harness the power of the Goddesses for his weapons of war. Explore the Frozen Tundra, battle the tech-tanks, and save the Snow Goddess in the next exciting episode!

The Snow Goddess, Dionne, has been captured by Nemesis and tricked into commanding a technological war machine of destruction. Gather your Heroes and put the mechanical Machiavelli on ice with new heroic powers and a cadre of new quests and weapons to carry into battle. The icy steppes are a dangerous place for any would-be adventurer, and with the new weather system, a blustering blizzard can put a stop to all forays into the Frozen Tundra.


■ Key Facts
•Title: Crusaders Quest
•Genre: RPG, Action
•OS (Update Release Date): Android, iOS (2/16/15)
•Pricing: Free (in-app purchase)
•Audience: Mobile RPG
•Developer: Load Complete
•Publisher: TOAST

■ Key Features
· Trek across the icy steppes and challenge the denizens of the Frozen Tundra in a new quest: Memories of the North.
· Save the new Snow Goddess, Dionne, from the insidious new villain, Nemesis!
· Continue the 16-bit adventure with new allies, new Heroes, and new mechanical tyrants to topple!
· A new Weather System! The Goddesses will tell you when a Snow Storm is coming and you’ll need to activate their skills to save your Heroes! If not stopped, Snow Storms can inflict massive damage, so use the powers of all the Goddesses to shield your Heroes from harm!
· New Heroes have joined to aid in your Quest!
o ★2 – ★3star Heroes! (2 per class, 12 total)
o ★4, ★5, and ★6 star Heroes! (3 per class, 18 total)
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