Csharks Opened a New Farm – Sheep Farm (Video)

Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one among the leading game studios in India, released their new farm game Sheep Farm. The game is available globally on Google Play Store from 6th Jan 2016.

Ben is employed in a Sheep Farm. His job is to run the farm without any hitches. Every day he must take care of the sheep, clean the wool, take the wool to spinning & dyeing. Ben must also go to the market to buy items for the farm and sell the products from the farm.

Ben needs help from the players to run the farm. Feeding the sheep, shearing the sheep, buy new sheep, sell old sheep, restock the sheep feed, grass & medicines are the some of the activities involved in taking care of the sheep. Lots of activities are there for the players who love a farm game.

Unique Features:

ñ Lots of activities
ñ Four different game scenes
ñ Story based time management game