The ‘Denpa’ Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll

Genius Sonority has issued a red alert concerning an outbreak of mysterious “Denpa Men”. These wily creatures inhabit “radio waves” and are detectable only with the Nintendo 3DS camera. This is the third time that these creatures have been on the loose.

Genius Sonority is urging gamers equipped with Nintendo 3DS consoles in North America and select countries in Europe to hunt and capture these elusive beings. Once captured, Denpa Men can be put to work exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and battling with other players around the world in THE “DENPA” MEN 3: The Rise of Digitoll, available today in the Nintendo eShop.

Official THE ‘DENPA’ MEN 3: The Rise of Digitoll Trailer:


Denpa Men are known to infest Wi-Fi signals. To hunt these creatures, equip your Nintendo 3DS and explore your immediate surroundings using the camera and Augmented Reality. The more you explore, the more unique Denpa Men you will find-each creature has unique stats, abilities, and appearance. They can be mischievous, shy, resistant to water attacks, or incredibly powerful-the possibilities are limitless.


Genius Sonority recommends that you approach Denpa Men with caution as they are surprisingly quick and clever, often throwing balls of paint to blind, frustrate, and confuse pursuers. Fortunately, the 3DS camera is uniquely capable of capturing these fascinating creatures. They are vulnerable to bursts of energy, which can stun them long enough to enable capture. On rare occasions, floating treasures chests have also been spotted in proximity to concentrated Denpa Men activity.


Embark on adventures across the world with your newly captured Denpa Men. Whether your interests tend towards domestication (interior decorating, farming, shopping) or exploration (dungeon crawling, tournaments), the Denpa Men are now yours to command.
•Continue the adventure: THE ‘DENPA’ MEN 3: The Rise of Digitoll inherits data from the previous two games THE ‘DENPA’ MEN: They Came By Wave and THE ‘DENPA’ MEN 2: Beyond the Waves, allowing players to start a new adventure with characters they’ve captured previously.
•Pimp your house: From man caves to pretty pink princess rooms, you can customize a home for each newly captured Denpa Men! Decorative items can be exchanged with other players.
•Battle over the network: Pit your Denpa Men against other players around the globe in the coliseum.
•Share your Denpa Men: Deploy the Denpa Men not currently in your party to other players around the world. If your Denpa Man is high in demand, you might just earn a little cash on the side. Or if you need a little help on your adventure, borrow a Denpa Man from someone else.
•Shop ‘til you drop: Shop with players from around the world. You can find different items every time you log-in online, including better items for better prices than in the in-game shop.
•Make some memories: Hold down the L / R buttons (simultaneously) to snap a shot of your characters. Transfer and share your adventures anytime from the SD card!

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