Digital Tribe Games has been working in the shadows with Philip Willey, the one man crew behind Dirigo Games, to bring his indie Greek themed rogue-like adventure Depths of Fear :: Knossos to Steam and other major digital distribution channels. The oracles tell us now is the time to announce unto the world that come the end of March gamers will get their chance to tackle the ever changing challenges that await them beneath the city of Knossos.

Depths of Fear :: Knossos, like Athena from Zeus, sprang forth from the mind of the musically trained animator/programmer Philip Wiley. From his passion he has crafted a fun-focused first person adventure game with stealth, action and edge-of-your-seat elements within rogue-like procedurally generated levels.

“It was a risk leaving a steady job and going it alone with Dirigo. It’s been a long, sometimes sleepless challenge, but still, as I sit down to work on Depths of Fear, I am filled with excitement. I love to create worlds, and the music to fill them. Digital Tribe has given me the advice and support to make it all come together.” says indie developer Philip Willey.

Rogue-like at heart, Depths of Fear: Knossos focuses on adrenaline-fueled fun as it puts you in the role of Theseus while he hunts the Minotaur downward through the dark Labyrinths of Crete. Featuring procedural crypts, temples, palaces and caves, increasingly challenging mythical creatures, and the ever-present threat of the Minotaur himself – Depths of Fear challenges you to find the hero within before fear finds you.

Inspired by the imagery and feel of classic Ray Harryhausen Greek epics and Edith Hamilton’s Mythology as well as the synthesized soundtracks of John Carpenter, Wiley created the Depths of Fear experience:
•An ever changing Labyrinth: Each stage in Depths of Fear is crafted to never be the same twice creating a constant state of tension of the unknown.
•Face the Beasts of Ancient Greece: Survive encounters against 8 immortal legendary creatures: Saytr, Cerberus, Centaur, Manticore, Griffin, Medusa, Hydra and the horror of the Minotaur.
•Diverse Gameplay: To survive one must learn when to sneak through the shadows, when to run and when to engage in combat as they attempt to survive each rung down into in the darkness.
•Knowledge is Power: Appease the gods by finding their books and earning their favor for special powers such as lightening from Zeus, Speed from Hermes, Earth shaking might from Poseidon or the illuminating light of Apollo.
•Build an Arsenal: Loot the labyrinths for gold to purchase 8 trusty weapons that range from Blades and Clubs to the Trident and Crossbow. Use these weapons to secure the 8 creature medallions that unlock the only weapon known that can slay the legendary beast Minotaur.
•Challenge the Unknown: When the adventure ends, the game has just begun. Beneath the skull a never-ending challenge awaits in the entrance of the unknown that provides countless replay value. How far down can you make it?
•Unique & Adaptive soundtrack: Featuring a tension-based music system, the soundtrack (recorded with mind-altering 70’s era synthesizers) adapts to your situation.
•Steam Feature Support: Achievements, Controller and Steam Trading Cards will be supported at launch. Full list to be announced later.
Friday March 14th 2014 | 10am – 12pm Pacific Standard Time | Indie plays Depths of Fear with creator Phil Willey
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Depths of Fear :: Knossos will be available for Windows PC at launch with the Mac and Linux platforms to follow.

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