Discover Fruity ‘Find ’em’ Go Seek

Fuzzy Bug Interactive announce the launch of their fruity new “Find ‘em Fast” reactions game, Go Seek®, for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

“Go Seek is a complete waste of time; so if you have a few minutes to kill, it’s the ideal game.” said Scott Campbell, Co-Founder, Fuzzy Bug Interactive.

About the Game
Go Seek® is an addictive reactions game. Clear each level by seeking out the hidden fruits against the clock. Build combos by finding fruits quickly and earn big points. The faster you smash the fruits, the better you’ll rank; earning more time on the clock. Starting with just 30 seconds, can you make it to the end?
· 7 Themed Episodes
Each with its own unique twist to add new game-play elements including: Silhouettes, Fast-moving Fruits, Photographs and more.
· 500+ level variations
So no two games should ever be quite the same.
· Crazy Animated Backgrounds
Giving each level an eye-popping feel!* (*No liability accepted for any popped eyes.)
· Fun for all the family
With its simple Tap controls, anyone can play Go Seek! Yes. Even you!

Developer: Fuzzy Bug Interactive
Recommended age: All
Genre: Puzzle/Arcade
Price: $2.99 US (Free version also available)

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